First meetings

By Micky

Relaxed & interesting


The first few days in Pretoria we spent to prepare our trip, a dry run for the big motorcycle run next

 year.  And of course to get some rest after flying a day and a night. Neither of us sleeps well in planes and with 

a 5 hour lay over in Abu Dhabi we were in need of some down time.

We landed and the first thing was shower grabbed the amazing food Rentia made us and ran out the door to go

see our animator (Mickys brothers) Henry and Jo are both Animators and more but are making a very cool 

animation for our promo.  We had a catch up but the men are busy so had to run again as they had work to do 

and we had to beat the traffic back. 

We had a amazing dinner that evening caught up with news and enjoyed each others company but Rentia 

needed to work Friday so it was bedtime at 9:30pm and we slept like rocks.


MEETINGS-CMA South Africa is helping us planning the trip so we went to their headquarters in Midrand  & 

 met with James and Kathleen (Pikkie). They knew our plans because they were involved in the planning in 2019 

already,but as we know Covid stoped the world from moving and we were forced to delay the launc.

 But new beginings and James and Pikkie were all in to help with  the planning.  We left with tips and two more  

CMA members to visit along the way that can help us with our riders.  Team work at it’s best 

James and Pikkie will be assisting with various essential items and a bespoke goody bag for our riders.  With all 

that experience James has over all the years he was worth listening to and I took notes that will make a massive 

difference in our riders comfort, health & safety. 

We now have support form CMA in the Durban area, East London, Port Elisabeth, Mosselbay, the Cape and 


DINNER-We were blessed and had a wonderful dinner with two of the most amazing woman we know…@Blos

in Pretoria..what an amazing place with amazing staff and great food.

We chatted and sang and watched music videos on youtube till midnight and hit the pillow.

SATURDAY-After our amazing breakfast again made by Rentia we hit the road to Krugersdorp to meet up with 

new friends and clients that ordered two portrait paintings from Micky, André & Jeanette spoiled us with a 

lekka south african pepper pie and salad.   with a two hour round trip it was time to go again as we had dinner 

plans with my brothers again to chat about life and animations again. It was fun sitting and chilling outside 

hamburgers with good people.


Other bits of NEWS UPDATES

PRINTING-Our attempt to have 5000 leaflets printed and some buisness cards failed and we got a full refund

 but what now. So Pikkie will attempt to get it done before the Rally and Micky printed a few at a local shop on 

plain paper to hand out along the way.


LOAD SHEDDING-Eskom the government owned electricity firm cuts the power three times a day and they call 

it loadshedding. And if you own solar pannels and they don’t get stolen the government taxes you for having 

them because you are not useing their power.


SUNDAY-On sunday morning we attended a local church where Rentia attends.  It was a stunning service with 

the baptism of 3 amazing people. 

What struck me is four armed soldiers at the gates even wearing bullet proof vests. Protecting 

church attendees and visitors and their belongings/cars. As there has been cases of big robberies and killings 

in the past.  It’s wild to see but we guess this is the sign of our wild times we live in now.

After Church Rentia once again hit us with the most amazing lunch (a traditional sunday spread) sos we need 

stomaches for this womans food. 

Sadly we had to leave this bit of paradise to drive 280km to Amsterdam via Ermelo (yes in South Africa)

We got here exactley at 5pm just in time to enjoy the sunset and play filming some funny male weavers trying 

impress the ladies.

DINNER-we were spoiled by our hosts @Suikerbosskuur and Erika made us a delish dinner and I think Klaas 

wants me to ask for the recepe of the salad she made. Oh what an amazing couple and loved to hear the history 

and stories from Joseph her husband about the farm and their journey. You should come here for a week 

because one day is just not enough.

Sorry about the long one but the next Blog will be short and sweet and will  be the start of our proper dry run 


signing off Klaas and Micky