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The prices here are special rates only given to our Charity Ride & not available for private hire unless you are raising funds for our charity (by arrangement)

Pick your Freedom Rider friend 2023
You will make your bike choice and submit it to team Micky & Sharlene. But most importantly, Candi in South Africa, where she will then take you through the correct precedure to secure your Ride for 2023. So after you hit the submit button Candi will be in touch to take you through your reservation of your Ride. You are in good hands and in very good company.

Candi your bike hire expert.

Please complete this form, it won't be the last form as GSAfrica (Eagle Rider) will mail you all the correct forms to officially book your ride.  You will do this directley with Candi.

Please note we added the Rands Valuta Please do a Rand (ZAR) exchange rate to your currency (that saves us time trying to do all possible currencies and making a mess of this form). Thanks.

NOTE: Deposits and insurance are not included here but will be calculated seperatley (per bike)

There will be a deposit needed and Insurance Excess Deposits will also be calculated per bike.

Candi will help you further with this booking so hang in there after you hit the SEND Button it will be soon and Candi will have mailed you or called you to confirm and start your booking process.

Now it's time to check a box and submit


You may decide to arrive earlier & get your bike sooner & start your adventure earlier.

Official pick up day date is the 20th September 2023 at 11am


You may decide to extend your stay & go for a extra long ride.

Official drop off day date is the 10th or 11th or 12th October 2023 at 11am.  You can have your bike picked up or you can ride it back to the shop in Cape Town yourself on either of these three days.