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Tours & Trips

14 Day Work & Play trip
Minimum 5 & maximum 12

Day 1 - Thursday... After landing in Johannesburg we will scramble for the mountains & spend the evening in the Drakensburg enjoying our first traditional South African meal.

Day 2 - Friday... we will travel towards the project stopping along the way to enjoy the midlands & tonight you will arrive at our BnB or host family for 7 nights.

Day 3 - Saturday... You may attend a amazing big market for a big lunch where you can do all your gift shopping for your family back home on Saturday afternoon there will be dancing & traditional Zulu huts to visit.

Day 4 - Sunday... You may attend one of the biggest churches, this is not compulsory.
We will gather for lunch at the beach & enjoy the Indian ocean if the weather permits. (bring your swimsuits)

Day 5.6.7 - Monday to Wednesday we will be working with the children, teachers & grandmothers of the Grapevine Family Foundation, we will play football & make cake for the whole school to celebrate everyones birthday.

Day 8 - Thursday we will go on an excersion with 60 children & 3 teachers have lunch at the spur & enjoy a bus ride back up the hill together for the last time to wave the children off as they go home.
We all go to do some last min shopping & a coffee before we get ready for our last night in's been a long day but it's time to BRAAI.

Day 9 - Friday we hit the road to go to our 3 night holiday destination & 3 1/2 hours later we arrive @ St Lucia. After checking into our apartments we will board the Fannas hippo & croc tour where we will enjoy the wildlife wild & free.

Day 10 - Saturday we do a earlybird with a packed breakfast to go to hluhluwe game lodge where the big five lurk. After the morning ride we will enjoy the beach @ Cape Vidal weather permitting @ you may see a whale breach. In the evening after dinner there will be a night safari with Shakabarker tours in a 4x4 unimog & you will spot nightlife animals & learn from the best in the buisness of wild.

Day 11 - Sunday there will also be oppertunities to go deap sea whale watching or fishing or just lazing at the beach or a drive to Cape Vidal. Its a free for all kind of day.

Day 12 - Monday we head off after breakfast to Amsterdam, yes you read it right we have a Amsterdam but in this Amsterdam we only hear birds & butterflies & nothing else.

Day 13 - Tuesday we will head towards Pretoria where we will do some last minuit sight seeing

Day 14- Wednesday depending on our flight details we will wave the Southern Hemisphere good bye & head home.

All good things come to an end but the memory will last a lifetime.
Please get in touch if you would like to book your trip on your own or your group.

22-24 Day Motorbike tour of 5000KM 2023

Plan your own group tour & we will work together to ensure a safe, fun, educational & fun tour.
Families welcome.