Freedom to ride

Costs 2023/24

Between €3000 & €7000 all depends on your choices of bikes & accomodation

The South African Rand is at a shocking low (May 5 2023 €10=R202.56 which is a full meal with drinks & desert . Please know that the prices are very special & the owners of the accomodation are very kind to us freezing 2022 prices.

The expenses are divided into the following catagories:

  1. Flight ticket +- € 800
  2. Bike rental +- € 3000
  3. Bike shipment +- € 2000
  4. Accommodation +-€ 800
  5. Food +- € 500 (this all depends on your meal choices on the trip) most breakfasts are included. So this is all about lunch and dinners.
  6. Fuel+- € 300
  7. Shared expenses for the back-up bus for all your luggage and trailor +- €100pp this could be more with less riders or less with more.
  8. Entrance and excursion expenses ?
  9. Insurance ? (this is a expens we can not calculate but if you hire a bike its all in if you ship your bike its all in your hands but we will advise depending on your needs)
  10. Sponsorship money for the project (From friends and family) Minimum € 500 per rider. You will get a page under donations and there your friends and family can place their support. This is not a payment for your own expenses but a donation to the building of this project. (Your ride is totally the cost and no salaries are earned by our Volunteers) they too have to pay to ride and stay.