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Group Structure & Governance

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3,7 million orphans in South Africa

UNICEF statistics reveal that there are an estimated 3,7 million orphans in South Africa, 1.85 million of whom have lost one or both parents to AIDS, while a further 150 000 children are believed to be living in child-headed households.

This is only a drop in the ocean of problems in South Africa we aim to partner with ordinary people and the church, to provide urgently needed holistic residential care, weather it is in a home of an elderly grandmother or in our to be built village.  We want to bring hope to all who suffer life’s hardships and teach and help all we can for a better future.


Our Mission Statement

GvFF is about giving the children and older people and everyone in-between a chance to dream of a future. To raise leaders and teachers.  Our mission, purpose and passion is to place vulnerable and/or orphaned children into a family environment where they receive unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, care and nurturing and where all their physical, spiritual and social needs are a daily blessing.

We want to equip these children with essential moral values and life skills in order that they truly can live lives that will influence and inspire others.


Our History And Credibility

Grapevine Family Foundation started off as a vision in 2004 but has seen many bumps along the way and has been in operation since 2007. We have given 1000’s of food parcels to children of Inchanga and Steve Davidson School and taken 100’s of children on day excursions to Uchaka, birds of paradise and tiny town once a year. We have delivered sex education classes and built and rebuilt several homes. We have also done holiday activities paired with a breakfast and lunch kitchen, feeding, producing over 400 meals per week for all attendants of the all day holiday activities.

GvFF  is a registered non-profit company as defined in the Companies Act, 2008, with a Board of Directors ensuring good governance, transparency and credibility.


Our Vision

In 2023 we are launching a new method of fundraising in 2022, similar to the years gone by with our groups but only on a larger scale.

We aim to bring larger groups to South Africa to see our beautiful land and introduce them directly to the children of Inchanga Ximba village and with every person attending these dynamic and epic tours on motorbikes or bus will contribute sponsorship funds to the project.  With these contributions we will be able to realize the clinic, starting with the terracing of the land which is on a slope. After this we will start out build on the orphanage and staff quarters then going into full swing and aiming for more collaborations along the way. We will continue to raise funding with this model, until the village is self sufficient and then only looking to have volunteers come and impart knowledge and dreams to the local people.

Our vision is big and our resources are limited and without our fundraising model we will not be able to realise this project to its fullest.  So we are excited to be rolling this out in 2023 after almost 3 years of nothing due to Covid 19 and worldwide travel restrictions.

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