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Building Projects

Building homes or (fixing homes that are structurally still good)

Building a home

This is no small job, but can be done without building permits and red tape as nothing in the village is inspected by official govenment.  But this is also the reason why most homes dont withstand time like inspected buildings do.  

Every now and then a home that needs repairing or needs rebuilding comes to our attention.  And if we have the funding we take on the project. 

We hire local builders that understand the basics of building and we oversee the projects with a official builder (this was Drew for 5 years). 



Replacing matresses & bedding, broken windows & doors


Replace whats broken & rotten for their health & well being

Replacing bedding & mattresses are essential to the health of people especially babies and small children.  The state of bedding has to do with the state of the home they live in if its leaky and moist then the bedding will not last and will mould, making it high risk for ill health.

We fix the home and then replace matresses and bedding so that its all fresh and clean.  Please sponsor this project as there are so many that need the fixes and bedding packages.

Building a clinic, orphanage & a Multifunctional building for worship & activities

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