Bike Ride

Your Ride | For Freedom

Want to ride through South Africa for a cause?

Who is riding with us? If you have ridden a motorbike for longer than 5 years or have past an advanced riders course then you may join us on this adventure through Southern Africa.  We will ride at a nice pace so we can also enjoy the country’s rich heritage and scenery.

Ride…You might be an experienced rider on your own but riding in a group is very different,  the groups will be no larger than 7 and there will be a FAST, MEDIUM and SLOW and we will start by asking you a few questions before we ride to get a handle on where you will fit best.  Obviously if you mess about and put others in danger you will be blessed with 500km duck-taped to the roof. (no jokes)… If you have a group you know and ride with more often please inform us… We will give you more info on protocol and procedures closer to the time so its FRESH in your greay matter…

Safety…Oh yes, you will ride with biker gear including gloves (We hate blood), your gear must be able to keep you in one piece, if you do have the unpleasant experience of falling off while riding fast or going slow we would not like to collect bits of you to be sewn back on again. If you can afford a communication headset we will suggest a set closer to the time so more than one rider can communicate with each other (or at least the lead and last rider). But this is not compulsory but handy if you know that a pothole is coming… Anyone that hoots at cows will also be duck-taped to the roof of the van for 1000km with no food, drink or loo breaks.

We were supposed to do this ride in 2020, but then the world stood till. Why should you ride with us (we are not travel agents after all!!) We personally don’t bennefit from your sponsorship in any way shape or form.  

You will be part of a pioneering project in KZN INCHANGA. With the sponsored funds raised from your friends and family we will be able to do much needed work on the land to get it ready for building an orphanage and much needed clinic in phaze one…Please see (Projects Page)

How many days, miles/kilometres and days will it take to complete 5000km?…  This will take 21 days to ride, however not all days will be riding days as we make time for game drives and other more adventurous things like sipping tea on a terrace…  

The choices and levels of adventure will be tailor made for every age and spirit, so don’t think you are to old or too young to ride this. You will get a long list of accomodations, food and acctivities to choose from…

We will not ride long and hard rides however there will be  fast, medium and slow groups, thus no one should be out of their comfort zone or frustrated on route.  Your level of riding will be determined by a questionair and judged by our experts on our first test ride out in the Cape.  This way we can determine morning start times and route options.

Money business…Remember no one can see how much you work for and earn, hustle for or rob.  But one thing is for sure this will cost a few pennies, Rands, Dollars or Euros.  You will need a minimum of R15000 sponsorship (1500 euro) from friends and family for this project…(I and no one else in the charity team earns a blue cent. 


Will you be brave enough to ride 5000km’s with us in order to achieve this?

YES you still want to come…Awesome but what now?

  • Get in touch 
  • We will send you a application form with your tick the box choice of bike and accomodations (extra events will follow later eg. sharkdives or hot air balooning etc
  • You will have to pay a deposit on your bike and accomodation as soon as your choices are made
  • We will then send you your sponsorship form and log in details for your personal fundraising page, also paper versions for those whom are TeckY challenged.
  • You need to book your flight ticket or at least start preparing by means of skyscanner till you can nail the best price.
  • You will keep me updated with your fundraising events so I can plug and promote them. Or help you along the promo funding path. including facebook or not
  • You get yourself ready for your trip book your holiday by the boss (save up some dosh for fun stuff along the way). Eat less excersise more and prepare for a once in a lifetime event.
  • You will leave your home, children, pets or spouse behind for 25 days and ride for children that will have a home even if they don’t have any family, because of you.
  • You will have fun, meet loads of people, cry, eat, sleep and be amazed at what we can achieve when we do it together.
  • You will return home safe with a feeling of fulfilment and stories to tell your friends and family for the rest of your life.

Please look at the next page for the Route…We just need to sharpen the bends and run the straights to get the route in the right shape. So all the activities will not be listed however if we do it together it will get mention.