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Shipping your Ride


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Do you want to take your own bike. Yes you can... one wave at a time...

I love my bike & I am also a fan of hiring a ride.  But for a long ride like this, I know how my bike feels, rides & handles.

So we decided to make it an option to Hire or Ship, either way you will enjoy the 5000 km’s in South Africa.

Step-by-step instructions of how, when, where & how much.

  1.  We will all deliver our bikes to Marlog car handling B.V in Roosendaal 6 to 8 weeks before we ride. (details to follow later when we have you all registered)
  2. Payments are all directly to Marlog under a specific code, so we don’t end up on other ships going elsewhere.  (Again, our payments will be expected as soon as the (a. container is full or, b. We have closed the registrations.)   We are expecting to take two containers. ±30 bikes.
  3. Marlog will crate/pallet our bikes & gear (beautifully) & transport them to Rotterdam to the docks for shipping.
  4. They can take 16 large bikes per 40ft container or a few more if they are smaller bikes, but we will divide the cost between the loaded bikes & work off 16 for now per container. €5650 divided by 16 = €354 per bike.            (Remember, this price may change slightly due to inflation & capacity)
  5. Now we get ourselves ready & fly to meet our bikes on the Southern Hemisphere & have 5000 kilometers of riding pleasure & try to forget the worries of this world.
  6. Relax everything is taken care of by Freight Factory on the other side. (see below) 

Cape Town Docks-Warehouse 30km away-5000km-& back again

The Dream Team Sales Manager Henry Wann henry@freightfactory.co.za Imports Manager Lorraine Candy lor@freightfactory.co.za Exports & Admin Nicole Veale nicole@freightfactory.co.za

  1. Freight Factory collects our container/s from the docks in Cape Town & transporsts our bikes to their warehouse 30min away for unpacking.
  2. Staff unpack the bikes and park them all for us neatley for pick up
  3. Our pallets will be stored for our returne journey (for free)
  4. We will enjoy a cup of coffee or a 0,0 beer and some  snaks while clearing some official paperworks & payments. This job will cost in the region of  R76420,85 = €4244 divided by 16 again and you have €270 per bike, depending on the size of your bike. 
  5. We can ride off enjoy & when we come back it will all happen again, back to the Northern Hemisphere. 
  6. Payment again is individual and details of how we do this will follow.
  7. Please note (you will not see an adress on the website due to security precautions) Need I say more! Our goods & bikes are safe due to these precaustios bunch of amazing car handeling people.
  8. They too come highly recomended by Marlog & regularly work together.

But your bike/s, is/are not in the Netherlands (ok get in touch lets work it out)

What do we all need to get ready for the crateing etc.

Carnet De Passages is an official product distributed and administered by the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (AIT) and Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and can only be issued by AIT/FIA automobile clubs and authorized distributors in the five continents.

  1. Carnet De Passage ( I am still finding out more about obtaining a Carnet as a groupe)
  2. What is a Carnet De Passage (its like a passport for you bike) a temporary import document
  3. More info if you want to read about it is on https://carnetdepassage.org/what-is-a-cpd/ 
  4. In a nutshel the authorities & countries have an agreement with each other to prevent stolen goods going across borders.
  5. Yes we all have to pay a deposit to the CPD & yes we get it back when we show that our bikes are safely back
  6. Once you have registered, you will get regular updates as to the potocols of this process.

To be continued…