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Make this world a better place for even one person is better than nothing...

Volunteer in all fields

Tell us about where you live go to school or work. Which church you attend and what voluntry work you have done before. Tell us what has brought you to the conclusion to go do this kind of work. Tell us about any facebook or social media pages you may have (optional) and tell us why you might want to do short or long term voluntry work. And lastly, can you tell us if you have a support network to help you pay the bills to be able to do this. Of course we want to know more but thats up to you. Think about interests, tallents and your favourite hobby. We can't wait to read about you and respond to your questions.

Your tallents is their future

Volunteering is truley the most rewarding thing any person can do.  If you are digging a trench to find water for some animals or building a home for the homeless, it just has a feel good factor because we are wired to help people.

However in this new world of technology & the urge to earn hard & fast we find ourselves caught up in this thing called life.  But sometimes we have to step out & do something in a far away land or city to find the meaning of life again.

GVFF relies heavily on the generosity of individuals & buisnesses & certainly the church. Without you we will not have been able to do so much for this community.  However now that the big projects are in sight we need you short or long term in our valley.  If your heart longs to help others & you are wired that way we will love to hear from you. Lets talk & discover together what the possiblities are for you.

Vrienden van Grapevine Foundation NEDERLAND

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