Faith Rally

By Micky

So we had an adventurous morning packing early breakfast at Vic and Heathers and off to see a  accommodation closer to our rider’s activities and they are both beautiful and accessible and totally awesome…Phe Zulu is a stunning venue, but as we are a large group we are also staying at Kangelani Lodge in Alverston.

Then it was the plan to drone some at Shongweni farmers market but it was awful and we stuck to getting our lunchbox sorted and have a coffee and look at some merchandise for next year’s event for our rider’s.

Met a Morney that happens to make prefabricated homes, and would like to help us with some. This is what we call a God incidents not a by accident!

Then we had fun riding to Toti to meet up with our models on a BMW but they were wet and hungry so we had to warm them up a bit at the most noisy restaurant in SA the Thirsty Whale with car guards fighting and drunk, it was not very pleasant but the chicken livers, fish and burgers were all good. And three cappuccinos and a coffee our models were ready to ride. Up and onwards to the Faith Rally to promote 2023.