Land Bikes & Kilometers

By Micky


Today started off with a fight as we went to see the Land and discovered some of it has been reclaimed by the locals with permission of the chief.  So we made it clear if this is still like this in a months time we are changing our direction and will go further into the valley where people really are worse off.  With that said this man has understood and noted every word and will talk to all in his family.

We then went to the best bike collection in the Southern Hemisphere and Klaas got to fly his drone and we got to taste the hospitality of these people the staff and managers.  They experienced a terrible trauma with a retaining wall of more than 20meters came down in the recent floods and not just once but twice.  But this family are survivors of the fittest and worked hard to make it all stunning again for us (the public)

We enjoyed a coffee and worked while Klaas was droning and enjoying the bike collection. 


We then rushed off to a potential place to stay at for you our riders High Stakes @ Cato Ridge but we did not feel it was suited. We want you to be safe on your bikes and central to the action and this one was a bit sad and too dusty for 2 nights, so got ourselves home…Took Sharlene home and then got back to land 2 stunning accommodations close to the project…Tomorrow we go to the Faith Rally to announce our Ride.