Traffic, bumps & a new highway

By Micky

Twists and turns and adventure

Welcome back.

A short updat about what happend on our mad ride about from St Lucia to Hillcrest.

We decided to try some alternative routes after St Lucia and saw some pretty places ended up having lunch in a  sugar cane farm and the farmer thought we were completley mad…

We hit the R102 to find a filling station and got all our windows tended to.  After about the 40th hump in the road we got back on the highway to find ourselves stuck in a massive jam but could sneek off a off ramp and found a brand new highway cutting half our travel time, what a adventure to say the least.

Not to mention the perfect timing at Vic and Heathers house (our hosts for 3 nights).

Dinner was just amazing as usual and the bed very welcome when the lights and power got switched off at 9:30pm.  Mosquitos had a good meal on my blood left me with 20 more itching places on my body. (they love me and don’t touch Klaas) what is that then…

So armed with spray I will attempt a better nights sleep later.