Appointments & Dissapointments

By Micky

Sometimes working with local folks is a task in itself...say no more...

9am Jesica Ford Foundation

Klaas Micky and Sharlene on the road together today went to meet up with Trish Gillespie.

Trish welcomed us into her humble office in kloof to help us make sense of our collaboration.

Trish gave us a good few ideas and we walked away with several great contacts  to further our cause. Trish gave us her valuable time as she had an event for this day with a school in Hill restaurant and answered all micky Heiligenberg questions regarding their and our collaboration. Please visit their website for more info


Mug and Bean office. We met up with Bill Williams which is our Architect and George Shu our other Director to try and sort out challenges with the paperwork and land markings (nothing can run as it should in Africa, I say “stand firm or go home”. Nevertheless we had coffee and a spot of lunch and spoke about the next steps. We called people on route for appointments but as it goes people are hard to get hold of when you have no signal due to the annoying power cuts.


We then took Sharlene home and got back to enjoy yet another great meal from our hosts Vic and Heather. And continued our editing and computer work. Back office stuff.