Dry run Flying

By Micky

Airports & flights

On Wednesday we were picked up early in the morning for a lift to the airport..Thanks Jim. 

Schiphol airport has problems again to handle all the passengers flying everywhere, because of a lack of employees they warned for long queues. We arrived as soon as check-in opened, 4 hours before flight, and spent 2 hours standing in queues. It wasn’t as busy as the days before. But none the less we met nice people standing in the long rows.

The flight went smooth although it’s long and boring. We flew by Abu Dhabi, because it was much cheaper then a direct flight. That meant we had to spent some extra hours at the airport. South Africa is open for everybody and don’t desire a Covid test so we didn’t have to show anything. Only had to wear a face mask during flight.

On Monday morning we landed after a nice breakfast on board. Food from Etihad tasted good. Passport control in South Africa is modernised and up to date now. After they scanned all my 10 fingerprints, did a facial recognition and scanned my passport, the computer concluded that I am Mohammed W from Zimbabwe. Would that be my identical twin?

We collected our car, a Honda, and drove to our friends house in Pretoria. Rentia, a long time friend from CMA  was so kind to host us for the first 3 nights.  

We’re hear to prepare next years fundraising motorcycle trip. We aim to take maximum 40 people with us for a 5000 km trip around South Africa. Each one has to raise 1500 sponsorship fee for the GVFF project at the valley of a thousand hills. With that money the project can start to prepare the land it has and start a amazing clinic that will service this community that has to take expensive taxi’s to the doctor 20 kilometers or 50km to the hospital.

This trip is to get everything arranged and sorted for our riders (maybe you) to have a super experience and smooth trip…

We are to meet and speak with the locals who will help us and check out or find accommodation. Our biggest partner to help us, is CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association South Africa) besides the board members of the GVFF foundation in South Africa.  Please get in touch if you can help or want to ride next year. Next blog is on the way. Klaas and Micky