St Lucia

By Micky

On the road again...

Traveling in South Africa is always a surprise as here every 50 kilometers the landscape changes.  And certainly every 100 kilometers change altogether.

We rode a good few kilometers and enjoyed every bit of it. 

We stoped at some truck stop along the route and noticed that there were no trucks, this is because they rerouted the trucks due to bad road conditions. And in one go the truck stop will now have to change there stratergy and do something else to survive, a father and sister with 4 small children and now they don’t know what the future holds. There are thousands of sad stories like this all over the world. but one thing is certain we can’t help everyone out there but we can encourage people to keep fighting to survive.

We had a super ride temperatures of between 25 and 32 degrees centigrade we used alot of aircon…

Saw two bikes on the road and this lady stoped to look at the toll gate to check her bike…but we were already on the freeway lane, hope it was nothing and she could continue on her way.

We got to St Lucia just in time for a swim to cool down our hot heads.  We ate at the Boat house and enjoyed a curry and a Rib or two while being bombarded by 1000 flies especialy Klaas as he had a bright white t-shirt on and it was like a glowing light (very attractive) we then got our heads to bed early for the 5am start.

Next morning we were up before the first bird and went into the Reserve heading towards Cape Vidal.  Saw some animals…will update this later with more photos of the best shots but nothing spectacular this year so we headed back to see Lisca the manageress of the appartments we will be in next year and she guarentees us all a wonderful stay and has quoted us realy very friendly prices because we are doing this for charity.

Oh dear it’s time for load shedding again so better give your the rest tomorrow.

Be blessed Klaas and Mickyi