Launching into the Dry Run

By Micky

Micky planted in her office chair all day

This is the first of many blogs to come of our Journey to get this project built up brick by brick.

This is Hour 11 behind the computer struggling with all the tecky stuff of website building.  We are not in a possition yet to pay anyone to do the work so here it is we do it as we go and hope for the best.  Its frustrating but also fun as we try to keep the eye on the end result and thats to melt your hearts to sponsor our project so we can save lives feed and help people be beter versions of themselves.

We still have to do all the back office plug ins for the banking buttons which will make it very convenient for you to sponsor and donate to our cause. Anyway thought I would say hi so you can all get a grip of us working hard in all our free time.  till the next blog…