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Our works

We strive to help where help is needed 




is a luxuary, fresh fruit & vegetables not affordable.

We aim to feed the poor in as many ways possible.

  • A Basic food parcel once a month
  • One Hot meal packed with fresh vegetables at school 5 days a week
  • School Holiday feeding programme
  • & Seeds for all families & training to get your garden growing at home.


Education Project

Teachers are needed to educate children so our aim to get as many teachers to work at our primary and technical rural schools as possible. This we cannot achieve without sponsorship as the government just has no funding to pay all teachers a fair salary. 

We have seen good teachers leave because they also have to provide for their own families and because it’s so rural they need a car to get to work.

Can you help?


    Our Building projects

  • Rebuilding grandmothers homes (those that are taking care of little vulnerable family and friends children
  • Clinic project (phase one) There are no doctors or medical rooms for 20 kilometers from this Valley. We will provide essential health care and services to this community. 

 Rape and Trauma unit will also be a       important part of this Clinic (we will         be building this out of old shipping           containers)

  • Orphan project (phase two). This is where the most vulnerable youngest orphans will be homed. Providing a mother for 4 children per unit. We intend building this in the most traditional way so they feel safe and this village will ge a gated community with its own playground and communial Lapa.

Love Project

We aim to give this community the gift of love which includes:

  • Jesus in every way possible. Without judgment or prejudice we will love everyone who comes to our projects for help or direction.  It was He who gave the founder the vision to do this in the first place so the Greatest gift we can give those is Love.
  • No Judgment
  • No Predjudice
  • No Reservations

Everyone will bewelcome…Also volunteers will be welcomed in the same way.

Our sponsors

Our amazing buisness sponsors.

Without you we are nothing but a good idea!