2,662.87 ZAR of 60,000.00 ZAR Project Target raised so far

Please note:  Update of this Project is as such – now another kitchen is providing food for the children at the weekend and we no longer do the feeding project, however we do do food parcels and this is essential if they live too far for the kitchen.  Without volunteers to purchase and give out the food parcels this is also only now available as and when we are in town…

At Steven Davidson Primary School, 200 of the 700 pupils have been orphaned. Amongst those, Grapevine Foundation seeks to care for the 40 most needy and vulnerable. The school provides daily breakfast and lunch for the all children and every pupil.

Grapevine Foundation successfully fed 100 of the children during the long Christmas holidays of 2009-10, providing them with a cooked meal once a week and food parcels to last them over the following week. This was funded through private donations from the UK. Another feeding programme was run during the World Cup holiday and this too was well received.

Inspired by this, the staff at the school are getting together to organise feeding the 300 orphans at the weekend, to make sure they have some food to last until Monday. Grapevine Foundation are working to encourage this initiative and to assist in whatever way is possible to make these sessions happen. The school receives some donations of food to give to the orphans, but needs more funds to make this project happen every week.

In addition, following on from visiting the children (see Ekhaya – Home Visits project), Grapevine Foundation would like to give the 40 children on its programme a regular food parcel. With just ZAR100 per month per child we could really make a difference to their lives and ensure good nutrition, spending it on fruit and vegetables and on products that will keep them in good health. For the many HIV+ children, staying healthy through eating well is key. That’s ZAR4000 for 40 children per month. With administration and travel costs, for just ZAR5000 we could feed the children for a month. For a year that’s ZAR60,000

Grapevine Foundation’s aim is to feed the children well. We will use whatever is given to make that happen. Could you help us to ensure these children have full tummies and good nutrition, to keep them free from illness for as long as possible?

26 January – Project Leader: Michele Heiligenberg

Land & building project

The time has come. We own land and are now doing everything in our power to make this land ready for the big build in 2020.

If you are considering giving to this project you can do so monthly for the next year we will need at least 2 million Rand for the first fase of the plan and thats the childrens village and clinic/rape trauma unit, which will home all of 40 kids in a home Zulu style, with that a state of the art playground and fountain for the hot days.  GVFs dream is to give these kids a HOME not just another place to stay.

Thank you for your kind consideration in supporting this project.

Ekhaya – Home Visiting project

20,000.00 ZAR of 40,000.00 ZAR Project Target raised so far

Please Note:This project is on hold for now till a new project worker is employed…If you are interested in a 5 year post in and into groundbreaking work, then send Micky Heiligenberg a e-mail with your CV…

Grapevine Foundation works with the 40 most needy orphans and vulnerable children in Steven Davidson School. In order to assess the needs of each individual child outside of school, the Project Manager aims to go with each child to visit the place they call ‘home’. This project started in January 2010 and is ongoing. Given the distances and the location of where the children stay, this may take some time to complete however the goal is end of 2011.

Some children live with extended family, some with neighbours and some live on their own, or care for younger siblings, in delapidated structures or sleep rough in the bush. The housing in the valley is often rural homesteads, houses made of mud, wattle and daub, occasionally of bricks. These properties do not withstand the vicious storms that occur frequently in these parts and it’s not unusual to find the roof caving in or walls with holes in them, as walls crumble away easily.

Once we have established a profile on each child it will be easier to visit them again and to be more involved in helping to improve their living arrangements, if necessary. Over half of the children on in our programme are HIV+ and will need medical treatment at some point; keeping a close eye on older children is crutial.

Other project costs include administration costs, fuel, food parcels to take to children when we visit and follow-up items, should we discover they need clothing or other household items that we can provide easily for them. It’s difficult to put a price on what funds we need, some estimates are below. Whatever we get we’ll spend on the children. The more we have, the more we can help them! Can you help us to help them?

When visiting the children we take a small food parcel which consists of:

1. 1kg bag of maize meal

2. 1 tin of baked beans

3. 1 tin of makerel

4. 1 box of soya mince mix

5. 1/2kg of sugar

This isn’t much but it helps. The cost of this per child is approx R50. For 40 children we need R2 000. Any additional funds would go towards extra food and toiletries for the children, whatever is most needed.

Thank you for taking an interest in our project. If you need additional information please contact us on

Granny and caregivers rebuilding Project

This is a new project and has just been birthd in 2013, we need to rebuild or build new rooms or complete homes for grandparents/caregivers struggling to keep their wattle and doarb homes together.  We will also look at replacing leaky roofs, electrical wires and replace old furniture for new beds and sofas where possible and where needed.  We need ongoing support for this project, so if you feel driven to raise money for a home you and your family or organisation or church group can see the progress for yourselves as you send funding for this cause.

Current 3 homes in the jobload for October 2017

Home 1  Very very urgent Thandeka is a old lady that is now a widow with two older teanagers and one grandchild and her house has just been crashed into.  She has for a price purchased rural land from the chief and can now build her own home. Her money is finished and she has nothing but hope that we can put something down for her fast.  She is now in a tiny room with the three family members by her sister (less than suitable)

What happend – a car crashed into her home the beginging of May 2017, the builder is waiting for money so CAN YOU HELP We need 2000 Euro for this project





Home 2 Still waiting for the pictures and the story

Home 3 Still waiting for the pictures and the story


Project Land

We own land we paid R50 000 for to the Gumede Brothers (thank God for such wonderful people)

Please sponsor this project as much work still has to be done in Land Surveyency, transfers, architects drawings and then also of course the digging of the foundations.