Mission/Zending 2016

DSC05802What is Mission work??

Mission work is when you go out on a mission to do something that bennifits others and not yourself.

Well do I need to be a Christian to do Mission work??

No, anyone who has compassion, time & money (sponsors) can go and do mission work.

Can I do what I already can or do I need to learn new things??

Yes and yes of course your skills are needed and you will always fit into the workforce however if you are flexable and want to try your hands at something new then you are free to do so.

When can I go on mission??

Anytime realy…however our next team mission trip is in October 2016 unless a group of 3 – 7 people want to go sooner…

What will it cost me/us.??

When you go alone it can cost you a flight ticket and car hire its upto you but you are looking at around €1000 for about three weeks and of course I have a nice place for you to stay if you don’t fancy a hotel. And your funding costs depends on what you want to go and do…

If you want to go in a group it depends on the costs of the flight and transport. But you are looking at around €1000 for the Flight and Transport, then you need to raise no less than €1000 for the work we need to do there of course €1000 is the bottom line but there is no cap on that amount you can go as high as the sky as the work is much and costs are not cheap. For married couples the bottom line is €1600. And for children assisted by a parent or two under the age of 18 is €1300 and for two adults with a child will be €1600. Please contact us because there are 20 combinations available bepending on time and what it is you would like to do in this community.

Will I get to take a break/hoilday??

Yes we will be going to the beach/seaside/zoo/uchaka marine world and of course we will be going on a mini holiday in the mountains of the Drakensburg where you can experience all sorts of wildlife and wild people, white water rafting, absailing, horseback riding and hiking up to caves where the cavemen left their signatures.(please note that luxuray accomodation will cost you extra and all extra activities are for your account)

We will have one last BBQ (braai) together the night before we leave and this will be on the GVF bill.

Will I need extra money??

Yes, all your meals are paid for while working in Inchanga. But when you go OUT and ABOUT you will have to pay for your own burgers or prawns.

I have so many questions still can I email you??

Yes of course you can…

For your application form and questions you can reach us on grapevinefoundation@telfort.nl or refer to the contact page. Thank you.

2 comments on “Mission/Zending 2016
  1. Sarah Shuler says:

    Hello! My name is Sarah, and I met Micky H. in Belgium about a week and a half ago while she was there, on her birthday. She gave me her contact information, and this was the best way I could find to connect.
    If she would like more information about the organization/group I was with, for potential volunteers, she can visit http://antiochcc.com/missions/antioch-ministries-international/ I enjoyed getting to know her! Thank you.

    • mickynoo says:

      Hi Sarah please look me up on FB Micky Heiligenberg I posted your foto. or mail me your email adress Micky.heiligenberg at telkom.nl I cant find my at sign so i improvised…
      blessings Micky

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