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INTRODUCING THE GVF TEAM                                   Michéle Bailey (Heiligenberg)(better known as Micky) Visionary/Founder/Director/Fundraiser Micky saw a need in 2003 & began to walk the long road of discovery to establish the Vision to start a Mission. It is her life’s work and dream to see this vision become reality for the sake of many who suffer daily. Micky believes she is not the only one called to work this vision & looks forward to seeing others with love, grace, compassion and insight come forward to join her on this journey. Michéle now lives in the Netherlands working to raise awareness & funds for the projects at hand.

André du Toit – Was a Director André was a well-respected man and helped to get our Non-Profit Organisation started. His heart was to see children reach their full potential by giving them the tools they need to do more than just survive.  He joined GVF in 2007 &  oversaw the finances & official business for GVF. We miss him dearly…DECEASED in 2016

Mr Nkosi -Director

Mr Nkosi is a well-respected man in this area. He  has been the Deputy Principal at Inchanga Primary School for over 10 years. He decided to become a Director for GVF to make a real difference in the community & also setting an example to his peers.  He is a husband & father to two teenagers.

Mike Harty– Director

A upright man that has worked in a charity setting for more than 30 years always dedicating his life and work to helping people with drug and other addiction problems.  He has come on-board to give us as a Director and will be a treasurer and he adds to our team with wisdom and strength.

Trish van Dyk– Director

Trish loves kids and is a peoples person and already works among children in playgroups in the KZN area, besides that she also is a care giver for the old and frail and has come on-board to strengthen our team by being the team leader for the mission guests.  She is also a Director and will be the assistant to Micky from the Netherlands and will handle all business and practical issues to get this project to where it must be by 2020.

Our Dutch Team

Toetie and Monique Klaas and Micky are the four strong in the Nehterlands

Klaas is the all important document man for GVF in the Netherlands

Toetie and Monique pay the bills Micky spends money on. And Micky does her best to bring awareness to our charity by hosting all sorts of events and raises funds through her crazy ideas. She also gathers people to go on mission trips and hopes to focus on fundraising in the near future so that we can find the money we need to build this big dream.

We still need volunteers in the Netherlands and South Africa

 web builders – knitters – money raiser partners – architects – builders – innovation people – designers and much much more. 

This team is growing so if you are interested in joining our team please contact us via the contact page.


Micky – founder and director of GVF


George and his wife and director Zwelebanzi


André director of GVF  Vic Smith (a friend of GVF) and Sharlene a member of GVF


Peter in the green t-shirt (a friend of GVF)

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