A Motorbike ride through South Africa will be the opening for the first digger to dig a foundation on our land….will you be bold enough to raise money for this first faze of one of the biggest charity projects of Inchanga. Will you be brave enough to ride 5000km’s with us in order to achieve this.

Day 2 and 3- We  will come from far and wide, we will be arriving in Johannesburg international airport,were we will saddle up our chosen hired bikes and ride 300km to our first overnight accommodation in Champaign valley in the Drakensberg.

Day 4-  We will leave the Drakensberg after a super full breakfast and ride the scenic route through the Midlands a beautiful mountainous route to our accommodations in Hillcrest KZN (Durban). This will be one of two choices a bed and breakfast or a host family…

Day 5 and 6 we will stay in this area with two ride outs to the North coast to visit an existing charity called LIV and the second day here we will visit our GVF project to cut the ribbon for the start of the build, then celebrating this with some local officials and directley involved with a bbq (braai) party.

Durban to Cape Town

After a good nights rest we will saddle up and head to Cape Town, however that’s too far to ride in one day so we will split the ride up in chunks of between 250-500km”s per day leaving enough time for lunch and dinners and free time to enjoy South Africa’s beauty.


Day 7- From Hillcrest 252km to Port Edward,

Day 8- From Port Edward, 341km to Coffee Bay,

Day 9- From Coffee Bay, 288km to East- London,

Day 10-From East London, 358 km to Jeffreys Bay,

Day 11 and 12 J-Bay, 193km to Knysna for two nights,

Day 13 From Knysna, 340km to Swellendam

Day 14-15-16 From Swellendam, 160km to Cape Town where we will relax for two full days and three nights to do what we like. Each day there will be planned adventures excluding and including the motorbikes. However if you have your own agenda you must live it out the way you like.

Day 17 From Cape Town, 300km to Matjiesfontein along the most beautiful mountain passes and wine lands.

Dag 18 From Matjiesfontein, 400km to Victoria West

Dag 19-20 FromVictoria West, 350km to Kimberly where we will enjoy history and dust for two nights and one full day.

Dag 21-22 From Kimberly, 510km to Midrand where we will end our epic journey with a full on melting pot of culture and colours in three massive cities, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Soweto.

We will sadly hand over our motorbikes and swap it for mini buses as risking traffic in the cities is not the best way to enjoy the end.

Dag 23 leaving Johannesburg int airport

Dag 24 Home on own turf back with family and friends and fond memories of a stunning time in South Africa with a feeling of satisfaction that you have done something for the least of us…the biggest story of all

To be continued…